Soundtrack to The Bruja

When I write, I tend to listen to music.

The music that I listen to almost always is intended to set a mood, or tone, for a particular chapter or scene. Sometimes I might just want some background noise to occupy me, but often I attempt to create a cinematic experience. It's my belief that the right song at the right time will create a tacit change in the emotional impact of what I write. I keep a listing of these "soundtracks" when I write, mostly so I can back and utilize the same music when I re-write or edit a certain section or chapter. This creates continuity.

I thought I would share the final soundtrack I used when The Bruja entered its final re-writes in mid-2016. I do not own any of this music, nor do I imply ownership. This is simply a point of reference that I thought you would enjoy. I hope that you will listen to some of these bands, and perhaps become a fan. Scene descriptions kept vague to avoid spoilers.

Aesthetic Perfection - The Ones: Maggi meets Her Lady of the Dry Arms.
The Crooked Jades - Let it Show: Introducing Mayy.
Halsey - New Americana: Maggi and Mindy in pre-Collapse Redwood City.
Alabama 3 - The Power is in the Blood: Maggi goes with Jenn Winslow.
Sabaton - Resist and BiteMaggi and Mayy fight.
Mandolin Orange - Boots of Spanish Leather: Maggi & her teacher in Evergreen.
Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Family Band - Ashokan Farewell: Maggi’s goodbyes.
Postmodern Jukebox - Gangsta's Paradise: Maggi meets Aubree and the Black Dogs.
Ken Hensley - Lady in BlackMaggi, Jenn, and Rizwan leave for the hunt.

Johnny Hollow - Devil’s Night: Maggi meets the Ifrit in Utah.
Robert Johnson - Crossroads Blues: Maggi goes cigarette shopping.
Sirenia - My Mind’s EyeFinal memories of pre-Collapse Bay Area.
The Doors - Roadhouse Blues: Maggi in the Nebraska roadhouse.
Mexicano 777 ft. Ivy Queen - SangreMaggi’s theme, sung in Nebraska.
MSMR - BonesMaggie meets the old titan.
Kamelot - Liar Liar ft. Alissa White-GluzMaggi versus Vix.
Equations of Eternity - Baron SamediMaggi visits Baron Samedi and Marie Holmes.
Modest Mussorgsky - Night On Bald MountainThe Dread Harvester comes.

Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson - One More Year: Maggi wakes up with one eye.
The Dreadnoughts - Avalon: Introduction to Stockton and House Owens.
Johnny Cash - Rusty CageMaggi gazes into the pit.
Manufactura - A Woman ScornedMaggi meets the Ifrit finally.
The Prodigy - OmenLava whips and powered armor don’t mix.
The Prodigy - Omen RepriseFinal showdown.
Crooked Jades - Marrow Of A Young Girl: Maggi is offered a sweet deal.
Nightwish - Ghost Love Score: The Beast is born.
Hladowski & Joynes - The Wild Wild Berry: Twenty years after Maggi’s deal.