Welcome to Veilfall

In early 2018, "The Bruja" published on Amazon and other major retailers. It was supported by my official website (you're here!) as well as Facebook & Twitter. I branded most of that content in reference to "The Bruja."

Now, a year later, the novella "Dread Harvester" has been released on Amazon, and the forthcoming novel "Mayhem" is set for a Spring 2019 release on e-reader and softcover.

Effective immediately, all social media and official content for Michael Molisani (me,) will be re-branded as "Veilfall."

Coming late in 2019 will be a second novella, "A Day in the Life of a Dead Whore," detailing the adventures of Marie Holmes, along with a short-story collection to be titled "Veilfall" in 2020.

Melissa Johnson will be partnering with me on "Veilfall." It will be a series of stories between year-zero of the Collapse, and 120 years in the future. This collection will feature new & familiar characters, highlight moments of the Collapse you may have wondered about, (curious what happened to New York? You'll find out!) and expand on the growing mythology of Veilfall.

That's still not all!

After 2020, I have at least 4 more books planned in Veilfall. This includes a sequel to "Mayhem" titled "Battery Acid." This is a rich an exciting world, growing, and expanding every day. I'm obsessed with the idea of how the Earth as we know it evolves after an apocalypse. It's not merely enough to say; "Now magic is real." How does that impact everyday life? How does that impact someone making ends meet? How does that impact the power structure? What is it like to live in a world where a battlewitch can kill you with a thought? I've covered some of that in "Mayhem," but there's much more to come. I want to welcome you into a new world that you've never seen before, and you'll want to return to; again and again.

Welcome to Veilfall.

Big News for Nan Fe

Most of you are familiar with Nan Fe, the cover artist for "The Bruja," "Mayhem," and forthcoming books I've written. She's an amazing person and one of the most talented modern artists out there - period!

Well, this week Jay Kristoff announced a new book series, forthcoming in 2020. He also announced that Nan Fe will be illustrating this new trilogy. She had painted some fan art previously and gotten onto Jay's radar over the last few months. Jay Kristoff is also the #1 international, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of LIFEL1K3, THE NEVERNIGHT CHRONICLE and THE ILLUMINAE FILES.

I can't be happier for Nan Fe. She is unequivocally the best artist I've ever worked with. She deserves fame and fortune. I also think she's a role model for any other artists out there -- check out her DeviantArt page and see what I mean. She works tirelessly, creating new art every day. She paints with several different mediums, forces herself to learn new tools, and takes complex commissions which may be outside of her comfort zone. When I look at how hard she works, I'm inspired to step it up a notch as an author. Maybe I'm really tired after a long day - maybe I want to take the evening off? Nope! Nan Fe wouldn't, and neither will I.

I'm proud that she painted three covers for my books. I think she has captured exactly what the world of Collapse & Veilfall look like. What it feels like. This is a dark, and even gruesome place that manifests wonder and beauty in strange ways. No other artist has understood this the way Nan Fe has.

You should follow Nan Fe on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and DeviantArt. If you've never read Jay Kristoff's books, you should head over to Amazon NOW and buy them all. He's a great author, and frankly, if you like my work -- you'll love his.

Mayhem Moves to Copy Editing

Athena Driscoll & I are still hard at work on the last of the content editing, but copy editing has begun for "Mayhem!"

I handed over the final draft of Act I to Kristen Walls Kearney this weekend to start work, and I'm thrilled to not only see the final product but also hear her opinion.

Kristen will be only the third person to read "Mayhem," and while I'm very confident, I'm also nervous. January 2018 was a very long month as I waited for people to finish reading "The Bruja" and tell me how much they hated it. Of course, they didn't, but how was I to know?

Another exciting piece of news: Audia Pahlevi wrapped up final work on primary promotional material for "Mayhem." The painting to the left is actually Amihan & Ramona Lopez, the granddaughters of Maggi Lopez.

Identical twins, both have enjoyed a life above the common Antecedent citizens. While Amy chose to follow in her grandmother's footsteps as a battlewitch, Ramona took the path of a hetaira, serving Her Lady of Desire. What roles will they occupy for the modern Antecedentcy? Savior or destroyer? Two decades have passed since Maggi Lopez died, and the world continues to evolve. More magnificent than some could have dreamed -- and more abominable than the others feared.

Audia Pahlevi not only captured Amy & Ramona perfectly, but he also did a great job showing the fashion of the post-Collapse world. I spent a lot of time developing a look and feel for "Mayhem," distinct cultures, clothing, speech, and behaviors. While the Antecedent Empire favors monochromatic dress and spiral patterns, the former denizens of House Owens focus more heavily on brightly dyed fabrics, brocades, and georgette. All clothing is handmade and purpose driven.

I hope you're as excited about "Mayhem" as I am, and I look forward to revealing the final promotional artwork in the next few months!