Are You Ready?

This will be the final update before "Dread Harvester" releases to the public. We'll talk about a few things in this post including some tentative dates.

"Dread Harvester" will likely be available for download on Amazon this May 11th. This date may change a little, depending on a few things, and once it is formally ironed out, I'll make a public announcement. "Dread Harvester" will retail for exactly zero-dollars and zero-cents. That's right, I'm giving you free novella.

Content & Copy edit work has wrapped up -- Athena Driscoll & Kristen Walls Kearney returned for this project and I'm thrilled to have a chance to work with them again. A writer cannot exist in the void, and if you end up enjoying "Dread Harvester," it will be with their help.

Mike Knuist is finalizing the cover layout & title as we speak, another great talent I am thrilled to be working with. Juan Carlos Mamani's cover artwork as blown me away. I can't speak strongly enough how in love with it I am. A preview can be seen to the left. The final version portrays Aubree Harvester as the glorious anti-saint queen that I always imagined her to be; skulking in the ruins of San Francisco, only mad in the face of the unknowing.

I hope you love "Dread Harvester" as much I do. It is a novella meant to bridge the gap between "The Bruja" (December 2017) and "Mayhem" (December 2018.) I think its honestly some of the best work I've ever written, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.