The Collapse

The Bruja is a story in a world that's slightly separate from our own.

At some unknown juncture in the near future, "the Collapse" occurs. Civilization breaks down and tears itself apart. We don't entirely know why, and we don't need to know why. This is the story of a woman who survived those events. She doesn't sit around and discuss how things went the way they did; she possibly doesn't even understand those events. She's not a political analyst or a historian. If one was to jump in a time machine and ask the citizens of Rome; "Why did the Empire fall?" I doubt you'd get a clear or concise answer. This global understanding comes only from the perspective of decades, even centuries.

Maggi Lopez was, ultimately, just someone who happened survive the Collapse.

She was also someone who enjoyed certain gifts.

The severity of the Collapse was compounded by a descent of the Veil. The Veil is the curtain that separates our world from the unseen world. This is the place where ghosts and gods, demons and monsters, and of course magic, exist. This has complicated the game, darkened and fractured it. It forces us to ask questions that drive our narrative. What are the practical applications of magic? What about the military applications? How much influence would gods choose to have, if allowed? How does this change the fabric of civilization?

This isn't a kind or gentle word. I don't write Young Adult fiction about prepubescent English wizards. This is a dark place, full of brutality and wonder. "Peace" doesn't exist as a concept because in our world, "peace" is a fiction. I'm sure that the world of Maggi Lopez has its ivory tower academics, self-styled theologians, and hipster philosophers - but they are irrelevant to the grim reality which exists every day.

In this, I have sought to bring you a world of fantasy that feels every bit as real as the walk to your car each morning; coffee in hand, coat on your shoulders, and keys at the ready.

I hope you'll be joining us as explore this dark new place; the world of the Collapse.

288 Pages

"The Bruja" is 288 pages long in its final interior formatting.

Is that long enough?

I struggle with that concept. There seems to be a trend in literature that suggests "bigger is better," where authors are genuinely attempting to pack their covers with as many words as possible.

I'm not going to err against that. I think, ultimately, your book needs to be as long as the story you're telling. Tailoring aspects of your narrative to a matter of size is a dark road to start down. If you're a green author with dreams of George R. R. Martin in your mind, you may want to slow your roll. Martin defies a lot of sound lit teachings, and he writes ponderous thousand-page tomes. He's also been at this artform since 1970, so he's bringing a more robust skillset to the game. He built his talent from the ground up, just like you will. Don't compare yourself to Martin, frankly, don't compare yourself to other published authors. They came to the art down a different road than you.

That's my struggle. Are 288 pages enough? I ask that question because I'm forgetting my own rule, don't compare yourself to other published authors.

I wrote "The Bruja" at a 288-page count because I wanted a sharp, fast, narrative. I wanted a story that moved, and pulled the reader along with it. I wanted to tell a road trip story that was more trip and less road. I wanted you, the reader, to feel a sense of anxiety. Maggi Lopez knows she's against a ticking clock, and you need to be right there with her; turning the pages, licking your lips, and swallowing hard as you barrel toward the final act and the end of Maggi's story.

The moral of this story? Yes, Virgina; 288 pages is plenty long enough.

2018 - Year of "The Bruja"

As of this Monday (12/18), my publisher has confirmed that The Bruja begins its journey to the design team during the production process. Although we don't have a final publication date, we're out of limbo and on our way to full publication. What can you expect in 2018? The Bruja will be available to purchase this spring:
  • Paperback (6x9 format) will be available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and several others.
  • Paperback (6x9 format) will be sold at some select brick & mortar booksellers.
  • Ebook will be distributed for Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Barnes & Noble NookTM, Kobo Books, and iBooks Store.

Additionally, watch for marketing & previews on Amazon Look Inside, Google Preview, Barnes & Noble Read Instantly, and BookMad. What can you expect from my Author's Blog in 2018?
  • Updates on publishing status.
  • Physical locations selling The Bruja.
  • Links to purchase your pre-purchase your copies once we have a final release date.
  • Artwork from the world The Collapse universe, The Bruja, and forthcoming books.
  • An inside into the mind of a manic author.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. This will be a great adventure, one that I'm proud to invite you all along for!