April 19th

I'm proud to report that "Mayhem" has a tentative publication date of 4/19/2019.

You can now go to Goodreads and add "Mayhem" for your to-read list. The book will be available as an eReader on Amazon, B&N, Kobo and maybe GooglePlay. The softcover will only be available through Amazon, and it is only print-on-demand. The vast majority of "The Bruja" sales were eReader-only, so I'm only supporting softcover for a small minority of readers.

Content editing is 90% done on "Mayhem" right now, and Copy is about 40% complete. There are also two more illustrations to be completed, and of course the eBook conversion process. I'll be doing this myself -- while it is tedious, I very much want the book to look a certain way once you own it.


Apocalypse is only a temporary setback.

After the Collapse, chaos swept the world. Cities burned and flesh was sacrificed on an altar of wholesale rage. Out of that bloody and ashen swamp rose new powers. City states and whole nations, adapted to a world where magic is real, ghosts whisper, and ancient gods lust. This is a salacious world, infested with malignity and apotheosis.

The Bruja's adopted daughter lives on. Lady Mayhem, nightmare mirror of the Antecedency. As Mayhem prepares to retire, she is pulled into a gossamer conspiracy of enigmatic gods and flawed mortals. The balance of power twists, shrouding enemies. Mayhem is forced to unravel treacheries and bargains. But first, the Antecedent battlewitch must come to terms with her own monsters. These fearsome creatures do not wear scales or growl in shadow, however. They are creations of the Collapse, trauma beyond imagination.

In this highly anticipated sequel to 2018's breakout hit, "The Bruja," Michael Molisani returns you to the Collapse with a riveting tale of horror, intrigue, and lascivious brutality.