Return to Veilfall

Good morning -- 7.22.2021

It has been 2 years since the publication of "Mayhem." Although 2020 was a poor year for some, it was a great year for me -- getting married, starting a great new job, and buying a home. Unfortunately, this meant writing new projects took a backseat. Although the Veilfall books have sold well historically, they certainly don't pay the bills.

With that in mind -- for much of July 2021, I've been planning a return to new projects, and I am proud to announce tangible details!

The new project will be a novella (100 pages, or so,) set in the Veilfall universe. It will publish on Amazon, GooglePlay, B&N, and Kobo. You will likely be able to download for free during the first 3 days of release; or purchase for $0.99 thereafter.

This new novella will be called "Day in the Life of a Dead Whore."

Melissa Johnson will be formally joining me as Content Editor. Although we have talked extensively since 2017 about various projects, this will be our first time working together. She's one of the finest creative minds I know, with a robust grasp of good writing. Cover art already exists, courtesy of Nan Fe: also an illustrator for NYT bestseller Jay Kristoff & his Empire of the Vampire books

Our tentative release date would be late Q4, 2021.

The concept for "Day in the Life of a Dead Whore" goes all the way back to 2012. The project outline 2018 saw key canon points from "The Bruja" discussed. Our dead whore in question was originally intended to be dead 19th-century prostitute, Marie Holmes. If you’re a native of Santa Cruz, you may have heard of the real Marie Holmes, who committed suicide at the age of 21 by drinking carbolic acid. If you’re unfamiliar with her, read more about her and maybe leave some flowers and an oily rag (a cigarette,) on her real grave.

The new 2021 evolution sees some major changes to our story --

Set in 45 Veilfall, 5 years after the events of "Mayhem," our story unfolds in Virginia City, formally a Nevada town. Late one evening, the ghost of Samuel Clemens makes a bet with Lord of Cemeteries, the Baron Samedi -- if given a second chance to write their own destiny, would a person accept their fate or forge a new path? A newly dead prostitute, a young peacemaker, and a vile murder will meet in a dance that could change the path of history. Be careful what bets you make; you might just win.

The art above is a WIP (Work in Progress,) by rock-star artist Nan Fe. She completed a stunning painting for the cover of “Day in the Life of a Dead Whore” in 2018. Many of you already know Nan Fe's work from the covers she's created for me prior -- as well as her illustrations for Jay Kristoff's "Empire of the Vampire," soon to be released.

Our tentative release date for "Day in the Life of a Dead Whore" is late Q4, 2021.