Day in the Life of a Dead Whore

I decided in early 2018 that all future novels I completed would have their own little novella buddy. This is a luxury afforded by KDP, one that I could never give readers under the ponderous weight of antique publishing. Several other authors I respect do something similar, and I thought that it would be a great option.

Novellas are a great way to bring new readers into the folds of our Collapse world with a minimal investment of time & money. If you picked up “Dread Harvester” for free over Thanksgiving weekend, maybe you decided this was a world you wanted more of and purchased “The Bruja” later. Or, perhaps you’d like more meat on the bones of your worlds. Either way – it’s such a great tool for me as an author, and it’s a win-win for my readers.

Following up the release of “Mayhem” in early 2019, I’ll be publishing another novella-length story on Amazon. This feature will be named “Day in the Life of a Dead Whore.” That may sound a little grim – I hope by now you’ve realized I horror.

“Day in the Life of a Dead Whore” will specifically follow a character that “The Bruja” readers are familiar with – a dead 19th-century prostitute, Marie Holmes. If you’re a native of Santa Cruz, you may have heard of the real Marie Holmes, who committed suicide at the age of 21 by drinking carbolic acid. If you’re unfamiliar with her, look up her story and maybe some flowers and an oily rag (a cigarette,) on her real grave.

We’ll be covering several key canon points discussed in “Mayhem.” One of these will be the nature of ghosts in the world of the Collapse, how they interact with the living, what they can and can’t do. We’ll also be exploring the post-“Mayhem” world and how the ending chapters impact the life for denizens of the greater Bay Area Reach. I want to spend time walking you through this world with Marie Holmes. As an author, it’s a thrilling challenge to mingle the antique English language with an evolving sound and tambour of the Collapse.

To the left is a WIP (Work in Progress,) by rock-star artist Nan Fe. She completed a stunning painting for the cover of “Day in the Life of a Dead Whore.” I gave her total artistic freedom since no photography of Marie Holmes exists today. I’ll be sharing the final cover in months to come, and I’m thrilled at what Nan Fe created.

“Day in the Life of a Dead Whore” will be due out mid-to-late 2019. Look forward to “Mayhem” after the new year. Work continues, full-speed-ahead!