Mayhem Goes to Content Editing!

Final re-writes have completed for "Mayhem" as of November 10th!

I want to apologize one last time for the hubris I displayed in promising "Mayhem" by Christmas of 2018. I had no idea the scope that this book would take on, nor the length. While "The Bruja" wrapped up at about 288 pages, the final page count for "Mayhem" will be somewhere around 500 pages. More pages equal more content & copy editing, just like any labor. I believe that "Mayhem" will be a very special work -- and while I couldn't produce that work as fast as I wanted, I think the quality will speak for itself.

So, what does it mean that "Mayhem" has wrapped its final re-writes?

It means I'll be spending the next few months working closely with Content Editing (Athena Driscoll) to hammer out the shade and edge of the blade I just forged. Miz Driscoll has already completed preliminary notes for two-thirds of the book.

Once "Mayhem" goes to Copy Edit in early 2019, I'll update the release date, and give you all a glimpse at the final cover artwork! Along with the final cover, we'll be releasing some promo art that will introduce you to several supporting characters.

In the interim, I hope that you recommend "The Bruja" and "Dread Harvester" to your friends and family this Christmas -- both novel & novella are available on Amazon, TODAY! If you're curious what "Mayhem" is all about, you'll find that last chapter of "The Bruja" is a prologue for the sequel.

Thanks, everyone for your support, and if you don't hear from me by Thanksgiving, have a wonderful time with those you love!