The Collapse

The Bruja is a story in a world that's slightly separate from our own.

At some unknown juncture in the near future, "the Collapse" occurs. Civilization breaks down and tears itself apart. We don't entirely know why, and we don't need to know why. This is the story of a woman who survived those events. She doesn't sit around and discuss how things went the way they did; she possibly doesn't even understand those events. She's not a political analyst or a historian. If one was to jump in a time machine and ask the citizens of Rome; "Why did the Empire fall?" I doubt you'd get a clear or concise answer. This global understanding comes only from the perspective of decades, even centuries.

Maggi Lopez was, ultimately, just someone who happened survive the Collapse.

She was also someone who enjoyed certain gifts.

The severity of the Collapse was compounded by a descent of the Veil. The Veil is the curtain that separates our world from the unseen world. This is the place where ghosts and gods, demons and monsters, and of course magic, exist. This has complicated the game, darkened and fractured it. It forces us to ask questions that drive our narrative. What are the practical applications of magic? What about the military applications? How much influence would gods choose to have, if allowed? How does this change the fabric of civilization?

This isn't a kind or gentle word. I don't write Young Adult fiction about prepubescent English wizards. This is a dark place, full of brutality and wonder. "Peace" doesn't exist as a concept because in our world, "peace" is a fiction. I'm sure that the world of Maggi Lopez has its ivory tower academics, self-styled theologians, and hipster philosophers - but they are irrelevant to the grim reality which exists every day.

In this, I have sought to bring you a world of fantasy that feels every bit as real as the walk to your car each morning; coffee in hand, coat on your shoulders, and keys at the ready.

I hope you'll be joining us as explore this dark new place; the world of the Collapse.