Mayhem Moves to Copy Editing

Athena Driscoll & I are still hard at work on the last of the content editing, but copy editing has begun for "Mayhem!"

I handed over the final draft of Act I to Kristen Walls Kearney this weekend to start work, and I'm thrilled to not only see the final product but also hear her opinion.

Kristen will be only the third person to read "Mayhem," and while I'm very confident, I'm also nervous. January 2018 was a very long month as I waited for people to finish reading "The Bruja" and tell me how much they hated it. Of course, they didn't, but how was I to know?

Another exciting piece of news: Audia Pahlevi wrapped up final work on primary promotional material for "Mayhem." The painting to the left is actually Amihan & Ramona Lopez, the granddaughters of Maggi Lopez.

Identical twins, both have enjoyed a life above the common Antecedent citizens. While Amy chose to follow in her grandmother's footsteps as a battlewitch, Ramona took the path of a hetaira, serving Her Lady of Desire. What roles will they occupy for the modern Antecedentcy? Savior or destroyer? Two decades have passed since Maggi Lopez died, and the world continues to evolve. More magnificent than some could have dreamed -- and more abominable than the others feared.

Audia Pahlevi not only captured Amy & Ramona perfectly, but he also did a great job showing the fashion of the post-Collapse world. I spent a lot of time developing a look and feel for "Mayhem," distinct cultures, clothing, speech, and behaviors. While the Antecedent Empire favors monochromatic dress and spiral patterns, the former denizens of House Owens focus more heavily on brightly dyed fabrics, brocades, and georgette. All clothing is handmade and purpose driven.

I hope you're as excited about "Mayhem" as I am, and I look forward to revealing the final promotional artwork in the next few months!