January 2018 Raffle

Have you read "The Bruja" on ebook?

Would you like a chance to win a signed softcover copy for your bookshelf, or as a gift for a friend? Now is your chance!

"The Bruja" needs reviews. As a new release (soft release was 1/1/18, and the official release was just 2 weeks ago, 1/14/18,) we have very limited feedback to allow us to move forward on the larger e-book promotional sites that require 5, 10, or even 20 reviews on retailer sites. That's where you come in! Go to your preferred retailer (links to the right!) and leave a review for "The Bruja." Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GooglePlay, Kobo, etc. A *good* review is NOT required to enter! Just your HONEST opinion!

Step 1: Write your review!
Step 2: Comment and be entered to win!
Step 3: WIN! 3 lucky winners will be chosen by 2/9/18!

You can comment on our Facebook ad running right now, or email me directly (michael@molisani.com) to enter for a chance to win. A lot of you have various usernames through retailers and social media, so I need some way to figure out who is who.

Don't already have your copy of "The Bruja" on ebook? Buy it today for $3.99 on Amazon!