"Dread Harvester" is now LIVE!

Head over to Amazon right now and download your copy today. If you get your copy between 5/4 & 5/6 you will spend a whopping $0.00. That's right, "Dread Harvester" is FREE its premiere week.

I can't speak enough how happy I am to leave conventional publishing in favor of KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing.) I have total artistic freedom, I can price my work the way I want (like, say, FREE,) I can use my own high-resolution cover images, do my own Kindle conversions and present you with a book or novella in the way that I always intended.

I'm really proud of "Dread Harvester," it is genuinely my best work to date. The tagline for the novella says it all; "It’s amazing what you can do when you refuse to die."

That's the story of Aubree Harvester. The woman Maggi Lopez betrayed in "The Bruja" and was forced to confront in the second act. With no hope, condemned to the worst the Collapse has to offer, Aubree embraced her role as an antagonist at the chance to live just a little longer.

Please download today and take a moment to leave an honest review on Amazon. These reviews help a lot with future promotions as well as keeping these books & novellas visible. I look forward to a great weekend and I'm thrilled to put this baby to bed. I'll be spending the remainder of 2018 hammering out "Mayhem," the full-length novel sequel to "The Bruja!"